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When a harpist meets an engineer…. that’s also what NEVELTEC is all about, bringing a project forward as a couple.

Starting from the frustration of not being able to play the harp with other musicians playing amplified instruments on stage, we started to develop a new harp with the help of professionals in the fields of composites, electronics, design and mechanics. A couple of years later, we look forward to presenting you our finished product!

“The electric harp allows us to continue the evolution of this instrument and to rediscover it. You probably have to enjoy looking for new sounds and want to get out of your comfort zone.
The fact that the instrument is amplified also makes it possible to play in a band and to be heard next to drums and electric instruments. It also allows harpists to play all styles of music. There is no limit: rock, gospel, classical, jazz, Irish music, electro, … You just need to be curious and have imagination!
In addition, there are three knobs that allow you to play with the sound on the harp itself: there is a volume knob, which can allow a fade-in and fade-out effect, as well as a treble knob and a bass knob that change the sound for a softer or more metallic side. The NEVELTEC electric harp naturally has a beautiful harp sound and a touch close to a concert harp. The sound remains different from a wooden soundboard, it is simply another instrument, as an electric guitar is not to be compared with a classical guitar.”

Fred, Co-Founder