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When Ri can play a NEVELTEC electric harp !

Having fun playing and giving happiness to those who listen to you, there is nothing better to do with your instrument? What a pleasure to receive such a video, we can’t help but share it, thanks Marie! NEVELTEC Swiss Electric harps

Article from the Swiss Harp association

A HUGE thank you to the Swiss Harp association who made a great article about the NEVELTEC harp!You will find the article in French, German and Italian below and will soon know a little more about the origin of our harp and about those who collaborated in its development.

Anja Luna, aerialist and harpist, testing the NEVELTEC lightweight electric harp

Another new encounter, totally unexpected, which allowed us to test our harness in “extreme” conditions …Moreover, Anja provided us with an outstanding show in the air, an incredible artist who is worth seeing in show! Second video coming soon : Anja Luna Marina (@anjaluna.cirque) • Photos et vidéos Instagram